The @site endpoint provides general site-wide information, such as the site title, logo, and other information. It uses the view permission, which requires appropriate authorization.

Send a GET request to the @site endpoint:

GET /@site HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json

The response will contain the site information:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

    "@id": "http://localhost:8000/@site",
    "robots_txt": "Sitemap: {portal_url}/sitemap.xml.gz\n\n# Define access-restrictions for robots/spiders\n#\n\n\n\n# By default we allow robots to access all areas of our site\n# already accessible to anonymous users\n\nUser-agent: *\nDisallow:\n\n\n\n# Add Googlebot-specific syntax extension to exclude forms\n# that are repeated for each piece of content in the site\n# the wildcard is only supported by Googlebot\n#\n\nUser-Agent: Googlebot\nDisallow: /*?\nDisallow: /*atct_album_view$\nDisallow: /*folder_factories$\nDisallow: /*folder_summary_view$\nDisallow: /*login_form$\nDisallow: /*mail_password_form$\nDisallow: /@@search\nDisallow: /*search_rss$\nDisallow: /*sendto_form$\nDisallow: /*summary_view$\nDisallow: /*thumbnail_view$\nDisallow: /*view$\n",
    "site_logo": null,
    "site_title": "Nick"